Navita user interface will be renewed in several steps which will be seen as refreshed page layout and relocated actions. In the first step we publish new navigation using menu bar instead of the current ribbon. Actions for a page stay still in the ribbon for the period of transition from the old interface to fully renewed interface. Renewed Navita interface starts to follow the guideline of CoZone products.

The change in the layout is actually more than just the interface. There are changes also with the technology. By this and the following updates we try to improve user experience making the application more intuitive and better performing. Due to the amount of all changes made on and beyond the front we will update Navita by several small releases during the forthcoming months and starting from September 2020.  At the same time we end support of Internet Explorer for Navita. We recommend to use other browsers.

Renewal of user interface is continued through year 2021. We will introduce a new front page, notifications as well as new charts and many other things. We are not planning to develop a native mobile application at this moment, but redesigned pages will be responsive and experience with mobile devices will get improved.

These articles under this topic will guide users to find the relocated items and actions in Navita after the release of the new user interface. Navita support team is willing to help in all problems and questions concerning the update. Do not hesitate to contact Navita support.