The report gallery´s old view contains all available reports and report links (i.e., a report with custom settings). In the report library, you can manage access to reports, group reports into folders, or rename and delete old reports. The old view can be accessed from the clock icon in the top right corner of the report gallery.

Structure and functions of the report folders

The old report library contains the standard reports, user-generated reports and saved report shortcuts divided into their own folders:

  • Supplied: Navita's standard reports. Standard reports cannot be edited or protected and report library functions are not available for them
  • Designed: Reports created with the report designer
  • Report Shortcuts: Saved report shortcuts. References to standard and administrator reports saved with changes made by the user to the default report view

It is possible to build a folder structure in the report library if reports need to be grouped into own folders, for example, based on access rights. For example, the image below shows a folder called Cost Center Reports ("Kustannuspaikkaraportit") created inside the Administrator Reports folder, to which some reports have been moved.

From the report folder, a single report can be opened by double-clicking the report name. Hovering the mouse over a report line brings up the following options:

Function                         Description


The report opens in the report editor, where it can be edited. The report link cannot be edited, only the report.


Rename the saved report or report link.


Deletes the selected report or report shortcut. Note! Deleting a report also deletes all report shortcuts from the Shortcuts folder.


Saves the report definitions (not the values displayed in the report) to your computer in an internal file format from which it can later be downloaded to another database using the Upload button in the old view of the report gallery.

Copy to

Function to copy the report. The program automatically creates a name for the copied report, which can be renamed later.

Move to

Moves the report to another folder. Unlike the copy function, the report is not copied but only moved to the selected destination folder.


This function allows you to define access rights to the report, ie who has the right to see the report and who has the right to edit the report definitions (including deleting the report).

Report security

If necessary, a report or report shortcut can be protected so that only certain users can edit and view it. The security settings for a custom report can be modified from the old report gallery view by selecting More ... > Security for the desired report (see previous image).

The report can be protected by selecting one of the four preset options or by creating your own security settings using the 'Custom' option.

Function                                                  Description


Utilizes security settings made for the folder to which the report belongs.

Only Owner(s) Can Do Everything

Other users do not have permission to view or edit. The creator of the report and all administrators have the owner rights

Owner(s) Can Do Everything, Others Can Only View

All users have access to the report. Only the report creator and database administrators can edit the report.

Everyone Can Do Everything

All users have both viewing and editing rights to the report.

Custom security settings

In addition to the preset options, option 'Custom' can also be used. 'Custom' enables you to specify viewing and editing rights for the chosen users in the 'Extended rights' section.