All databases have three default data levels: Actual, Budget and Forecast. However, data levels can be added to achieve more "layers" of data. An example of using multiple data levels is Budgeting, where each scenario can be on its own data level. These scenarios can be looked at individually or compared all at once on Navita reports and input forms. 

Data levels are located under Administration -> Data levels 

To add a new data level, type in the name for the data level in field shown below and press Enter

Editing data levels

"Edit data level" - icon will appear by moving pointer in the Actions column for each data level: 

Following window will open for editing the data level: 

NameName for the data level in all supported languages
is Actual
Determines whether the selected data level is the actual data level, where general ledger data is updated
Default accessFunction for user access rights. Data levels in user roles can be modified according to the selected access.
is Locked
Function controls whether the data level is locked or not. If locked, then specific interval can be set. Also, only using "To:" will lock the data level until that date. Only using "From:" will lock the data level onwards from the set date. For example, ticking is Locked: box and entering 12.2020 into To: field will lock the Budget data level from all users until 12.2020.