The account type determines which accounts belong to a particular account type group (for example, Revenue). Account type information is utilized, for example, in the structure of Navita's standard reports. An account type allows one to refer to all the accounts for that account type with a single report line reference. Thus, account type information should also be added to user-created accounts - this way all accounts are in the most appropriate groups for standard reports.

A list of the account types used can be found in the Account Types section of the Administration menu. 

Account Type column lists all account types. Account types are divided into income statement and balance sheet groups. 

Default Account Ranges column shows which accounts belong to each account type. For example, in the picture above, accounts "3600-3629" are included in the "Change in stocks of finished goods and WIP" account type. Default account intervals can be edited by double-clicking the cell in either the Default Account Ranges or Linked Accounts columns. The information in the column also affects the new account that is automatically created during the data transfer; the new account is placed on the chart of accounts primarily at the default account interval.

Change sign of imported values column makes it possible to invert the sign of the values defined in the account type during data transfer.