The Report Rows feature, which can be found from the Administration menu, shows all the rows used to generate reports or input forms. The user also has the option to create or delete new report rows themselves.

The following functions can be found in the toolbar:

Add new row: Opens a new window where you can define the properties of the new report row.  

The name of the new report line is entered in the Name text box. From the drop-down menu, select whether the new report row is placed after or inside the report row mentioned in the text box next to the menu. The report row is created with the Create New Row button. Alternatively, a New Folder can be created.

Move selected item: This function is used to arrange report rows.

Edit row: An existing report row can be edited by selecting the row and clicking Edit Row. 

               This function opens a window in which the properties of the report row can be changed.

In the example image, the Purchases during the period line is edited. 

  • Type determines whether the line to be edited is an account group (account type), a folder, a text line, a financial calculation, or a formula. In the financial calculation option, the user can select the ratio from the drop-down menu. In the Formula option, the user can instead define their own function in the text box that opens.
  • Operation tells the program whether to add or subtract a row when generating reports.
  • Type of values determines what kind of data the line uses. Options include e.g. flow, opening balance sheet or closing balance sheet.

Delete row:  A single report rows or entire report row folder can be deleted deleted by selecting a row / folder and clicking Delete Row.

Note that if report rows have been edited, it might be necessary to click the Run Maintenance function on the toolbar to make the changes visible to the reports.