Past or future financial years can be added and their lengths can be edited in the Accounting Periods section of the Administration menu: 

The following functions can be found from the toolbar:

Function                                                Description

Show periods for Business Unit

This function is used to define financial periods for each unit or cost center. If the same financial years are used throughout the organization, select All.

Add X months period to Start or End of periods´ list

This function used to add a new financial year to the list by selecting either the Start or End button. The length of the financial year can be specified by entering the number of months in the box. The length of financial years already in the list can be changed by double-clicking the desired financial year in the list and editing the number of months in the window that opens.

Delete First / Delete Last period

Financial years can only be deleted from the beginning or end of the list. To do this, select Delete first financial year or Delete last financial year.

Latest Actual month

The program asks you to specify the last actual month so that it can distinguish between actual and planned financial years. This is especially important when making forecasts. The month and year are separated by a dot as shown.