Dimensions can be found in the Dimensions section of the Navita Administration menu. Dimensions are optional calculation objects to which events can be assigned. If the same dimension groups can also be found in the accounting system, the actual and budget or forecast for the dimension objects can be compared. It is also possible to add detached dimensional objects that have not yet been created for accounting. In this way, new objects can be created, for example, for budgeting or forecasting purposes. 

By using dimensions, it is possible to get a project or customer view for reporting. It is also possible to add, group codes to dimensions, in which case an assignment to the group code can be added to transactions within the group's companies while other transactions are unallocated. 

The ID of the dimension object appears in the Short Name column (see the screenshot below). The Short Name can be defined by the user, but in that case the dimension ID used by the the accounting must be added to the Search ID column - that way the accounting transactions can be targeted based on the information in the Search ID column. With the Assigned Companies function, it is possible to link certain dimension groups to an organizational structure for a specific cost center or company. 

It is possible to make a hierarchical structure for dimensions and add intermediate levels. It is also possible to move objects within a dimension group. However, it is not possible to move objects from one dimension group to another. For example, from the screenshot below, it is not possible to move an item from the Operations group to the Projects group. As dimension objects do not have their own breakdown rules, the value entered at the top level drops to the first sub-object in the group. The user can also enter values without assigning to a specific dimension.

Function                                          Description


Function to add dimension or sub items to dimension.

Move selected item

Function to move the selected item. Note that moving is only possible within one top-level group (eg Projects).

Move several items

Function to move multiple items. A separate dialog box opens where items can be selected and the top level within which the items will be moved. A useful function, for example, when a hierarchy is added to a dimension and some objects need to be moved inside another level.


A function that can be used to import a new dimensional structure into the Navita using Excel.


Function to delete the selected item.

Delete several items

Function to delete multiple items. A separate dialog box opens where the items to delete can be selected.


Refreshes the view.

Collapse All

Function to collapse the dimension menu to the title level.


A function that extends the entire dimensional structure to a sub-level.


The function that can be used to export the dimension structure to Excel or Word format.

Search in Hierarchy

Function to search for a specific object in the structure.