Entering values to activated cells

1. A blue frame remarks when a cell is activated. Value can be entered to an activated cell simply by using number buttons on the keyboard or by pasting from clipboard:

2. Pressing Enter, Tab or Arrow keys will save the value. Saved value is shown as blue and italic.  

3. Possible break rules to accounts, business units and months will come effective after clicking 'Refresh' which will update the displayed data. 

Entering values to Yearly / Monthly columns

Yearly values will automatically split to months. If the break rules have not been defined, then the split will be according to the default break rule (=even distribution or 100% first month). Break rules are discussed more in detail in their own article. Monthly values are aggregated to Yearly level and 'Refresh' will always update the displayed values after they are saved.

Calculations in activated cell

Navita supports value entry by simple math formulas (plus, minus, division, multiplication) within an activated cell.

Using calculations will automatically create a comment showing the formula.

Deleting entered values

  1. Activate the cell (blue frame)
  2. Press Delete key 
  3. OR double click the cell, erase values with Back space and press Enter, Tab or Arrow keys

Adding comments

Commenting entered budget/forecast values may provide important insight for management. Listing of all commented values is available on all input forms under 'View commented values' function in the control ribbon.

The easiest way for adding a comment is to use a semicolon (;) after the value and typing the comment (example below). 

The other way of adding a comment is through 'Edit Value and Comment' function in the control ribbon OR pressing Crtl+M on the activated cell. Both ways will open the below pop up for editing the value and/or comments

All comments are also visible in the tool tip which will show up when indicator is held over a commented value. 

Automatically created comments

Navita creates comments automatically in the following cases:

1) Values calculated by input codes

Calculated values will have a comment detailing the formula of the input code. Also, a time stamp of the calculation is shown in parenthesis. 

2) Calculations in activated cell

Formulas used within a cell will also automatically create a comment.