In addition to the spreadsheet, all standard reports include 2 or 4 graphs, which can be found on the second page of the report.

In the standard reports' charts, the current year's values are compared by default with the corresponding values of the previous year when the standard report is presented in the Comparison format. In the Monthly format the graphs show values from one data level only and for the same time period and viewing mode as in the spreadsheet.

Editing a report row

The report row displayed in the chart can be changed by selecting Chart 1 (if you want to edit the first chart, Chart 2 if you want to edit the second etc). This opens a menu where you can change the report row or add a view factor.

Editing display settings

Chart display settings can be edited by clicking the icon next to Chart.

The preview of the chart is displayed at the top of the Chart Settings window. The display settings are defined from the tabs at the bottom.

The following settings can be modified from the tabs

Tab                                Settings


• Chart title

• Font, font color, font size

• Title placement in the chart

Chart type

• Selection of chart type and subtype (eg cylinder, line)

• Convert a chart to 3D


• Chart color selection


• Display and layout of the caption field


• Title display

• Scale guides

• Scope of the scale


• Font, font color, font size

Data labels

• Display of values in the diagram

• Selection of markers


• Graphic background color

The changes made can be activated by pressing 'OK'. Changes will appear on both the screen and the printout. Chart changes made to a standard report are visible only to the user who made the change and disappear when another report is opened. In order to keep the changes, the report must be saved as a report shortcut with the 'Add shortcut' function. The custom report can then be found in the Gallery.