Navita´s reports can be drilled down from the top level of the report row to individual accounts and from there to individual transactions. The report can be downloaded as an Excel and PDF file using the account-level view.

Report rows can be drilled down to an individual account by clicking the small plus sign in front of the line.

At the account level, you can view individual transactions by clicking on the account value in the desired column and selecting 'view Transaction data'.

'View Transaction data' opens list of transactions, where the individual exports that make up the cell value are listed, grouped by organization's cost center. For an individual export, the organizational level, account, date, value, document number, comment, and possible dimensions are listed.

In the case of Netvisor integration, you can transfer to Netvisor for the document by clicking on a document number. Other integrations can be transferred to the purchase invoice if the integration includes a link to the purchase invoice.

All report rows can be expanded or collapsed at once by clicking the arrows next to the first column in the table. The right arrow expands all rows to the account level view, the left arrow returns the rows to the narrow view, where only the top levels are visible.