Below is an example of Navita homepage. Contents of the homepage may vary depending customer requests but the layout is standard and it consists of: 

  1. Company / business unit selection
  2. Two graphs
  3. A table and
  4. Menu bar & User settings on the top right corner


Business unit can be selected in the top left corner of the homepage by clicking the company name. The values shown in the graphs and the table change accordingly. Changing the business unit will make it a default unit for Navita reports.


Charts show two selected key figures: revenue and operating profit. The two key figures can be changed. Also, values can be changed to cumulative and  additional comparative information e.g. forecast can be added. 


Table shows selected key figures in monthly, year-to-date and year columns. Each column contains actual data, which is compared to previous year actual and budget information. Arrows portray the favorability of the change (green = good, red =bad). 

Customer administrator may change the rows shown in the table. Changes will apply for the whole database, which means that all users will see them. Customized table rows can be set by clicking the following icon, which can be found after the table:

Reporting rows: currently showing reporting rows can be changed to something else by clikcing the name of the row. New rows can be added by selecting a new row from Add new item

Change color of arrow: changes the color from default (green) to opposite (red)

Actions: Rows can be deleted and row order can be changed


Top right corner of the interface shows user name and current database. Arrow down reveals more functions such as changing password under 'User account' and Logout. User specific settings can be set by clicking the gear icon. In the opening side bar, settings such as UI language, decimals, font size and auto refresh can be amended: