An allocation rule is run as follows

1. 'Data' menu, Compute > Allocation rules

2. Select the folder or individual rule that you want to run and press Run. The Preview option works the same way as described below, but the results of the calculation are first displayed in Print Preview, from which the data is eventually transferred to the database. When using preview, see also section 5 of the instructions below.

3. Enter the period time (mm.yyyy.-mm.yyyy.) for which you want to run the allocation. In most cases it is recommended to use only the latest month for which the allocations have not yet been run. 

4. In the 'Main destination data level field., select the data level to which the allocation will be calculated

5. Choose how you want the allocations to run. There are three options to choose from:

Term                                                Description

Only Apply destination values

Drives allocations to the cost centers and accounts defined in the rule, regardless of whether there already are allocated values on the destination cost centers/accounts.

Only Clear destination values

Removes all allocated values from cost center and accounts for the selected time period. This can be used to recover the situation before the allocations -  that is, to reset the previous calculated values.

Clear and Apply destination values

Removes any old allocated values before driving the new allocation values into place. Recommended option when it is necessary to run the allocation again for the same month. However, this option does not allow you to view the results first in Print Preview.

6. Click 'OK'

7. The progress of the allocation calculation is displayed on the ribbon as a percentage bar. The program indicates when the      allocation calculation has been performed.